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02. Juli 2020

Aid project for La Ginesta
Refugi d'Animals La Ginesta, C / Valleta 50, E-43748 Ginestar / Tarragona
July 2020
The animal protection project "La Ginesta" urgently needs support

The shelter "La Ginesta" has run into financial difficulties due to the corona crisis, because the subsidies are a long time coming and will then be cut.
In addition, there are the strong storms that covered roofs, destroyed shadows from reeds and uprooted trees. Roofs had to be repaired as quickly as possible, new trees have not yet been planted, which should be done in spring. The car doesn't want anymore either and goes on strike. This Furgoneta SEAT has been on the road for 18 years and is waiting for an expensive engine repair with a cost estimate of around € 1,500. For 1,700 € there is already a second hand replacement, TÜV tested. The old one would no longer come through the TÜV. At the moment Isabel is asking a neighbor to drive sick dogs to the clinic.
At the moment Isabel has about 75 old and very sick dogs who need medication every day. Many of them have leishmaniasis. Only the very seriously ill dogs are put to sleep. Isabel, the director of the shelter, does not have the heart to let dogs who still have a will to live be put to sleep for financial reasons, just because they are old, no longer jumping around, but still like to sunbathe. Dogs are only euthanized if the veterinarian considers it necessary. The refuge of "La Ginesta" has now become a sanctuary without luxury.
At the moment a couple and another force are working in the refugio, because Isabel, at 80, is no longer able to take care of all the animals. She cooks for many sick dogs herself, collects dry bread and fetches meat from the butcher. A supermarket and some donors on Facebook donate food for the old but still healthy dogs.
Isabel would be very happy to receive financial help, because she pays the
couple and the assistant out of their own pockets and there is sometimes a lack of money for medication and visits to the vet. The veterinarian is also dependent on payments and sometimes has to say no to Isabel to postpone further payments, dogs of course don't understand that.
Isabel hopes for selfless young animal friends who will take over their shelter one day and tries to limit the admission of new dogs at the moment in order to keep the shelter small. She only records absolute emergencies, dogs that are brought to her by the police, where masters or mistresses have died or have been instructed in a retirement home.
For donations or godparents for her dogs, Isabel would be very, very grateful and asks for financial help through Animal Friends Europe.
Spanish account from Isabel:
Refugi de Animales La Ginesta
43748 Ginestar / Tarragona
Banco de Sabadell
IBAN: ES80 0081 0422 3800 01172718

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