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Dog of the day (26. 09. 2020) - Yim
mixed breed Male, 3 years old, Approximate Height 68 cm

Name: Yim
Date of birth: around 01.02.2017 (3 years)
Gender: male, neutered
Withers: approx. 68 cm
Breed: mixed breed
Location: El Camino, Alcala La Real
MM test negative

Yim is one of the many nobody dogs that roamed the streets of southern Spain. Not all people show hearts in animals, dogs, motley street hybrids. Dog life with other dogs is often not easy. The few resources such (...)


Hello, my name is Aura and I have found shelter in a foster home in 77743 Neuried, where you can also visit me after consultation with my agent.

She also knows me well and is happy to answer any questions you may have.


Chico is a very friendly, open-minded, medium-sized male who lives in the Refugio Albayyasa (Baeza) and would love to find a home.

If you are looking for such a companion, you will find out everything about him who you go on his picture.

There are also lots of photos and videos.

24. September 2020

Hello dear animal friends,

If you would like to support us and the partner animal shelters, you are welcome to do so by clicking on our non-profit organization when ordering from AMAZON.

To do this, simply go to Help / Financial Aid and there on the AMAZON SMILE button.

Thank you also from all the fur noses, some of whom come from Perreras.

24. September 2020

Copo is a happy, friendly Bodeguero Andaluz mixed breed who is quickly enthusiastic.
Who has a place free for our sunshine?
Just go to his picture to learn more about him.

22. September 2020

Here comes Hano, who has been waiting for his big chance for so long ...

If you are looking for a friendly male, you have come to the right place. He would certainly be a great companion and would bind quickly.

You can find out more about the dog boy by clicking on his photo.

21. September 2020

Hello my name is Guim and I am a nice guy who is still looking for a home.
If you give me a loving, active home, I would certainly do anything to become your best partner.

Any questions? Then just click on my photo.

21. September 2020

Chester is a very young little male who would love to find his own family.

If you'd like to include such a little guy, just click on his photo - there you will find out everything else about the great guy.

19. September 2020

Feli survived the operation perfectly and is now just waiting for his dream home.
The Perro de Aqua Mischling is a lively, smart little guy who is happy about his life.
There are two new videos when you click on your photo.

If you are looking for a reliable four-legged partner, you have come to the right place!

19. September 2020

Cedull mourns very much in Alcala la Real. What he needs is a home where he is lovingly received.

If you have a free space, just click on his photo.

17. September 2020

Pete is a shepherd dog who lives on a foster home in Grenzach-Whylen, where he has integrated very well.

Now the young male only lacks his final home. If you click on his photo, you will find out everything about him.