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Dog of the day (01. 08. 2021) - Barbi
Mongrel Female, 5 years old, Approximate Height 61 cm

Race: Mongrel
sex: female - castrated
Date of birth: 10.03.2016
Size: 61 cm
MMK test: 30.9.2019 - negative
Location:La Ginesta

Barbi was found by farm workers with her siblings - but there was no trace of the mother - presumably the little ones had simply been abandoned, because instead of having the bitches neutered, many a Spaniard simply gets rid of the offspring in this w (...)


Our Jeny is a very open-minded, bright, friendly, social bitch who would certainly make the perfect companion.
She currently lives in the animal shelter in 79312 Emmendingen, where you are welcome to visit her.

Simply register with your contact person, for whom you will receive contact details when you click on Jeny's picture.
Here you can also look at a lot of pictures, videos and information about the great bitch.


Here comes a beautiful, obedient, sociable, big male who is waiting for his big chance.

Our Freedom is a dream on four dog paws - but due to its size it is more suitable for a ground floor apartment or a house with a garden.
Who would like to give our gentle giant a chance? Please just click on his photo.

30. Juli 2021

Sky was allowed to come to 79312 Emmendingen, where you can also get to know him.
You can find out the contact details of your contact person by clicking on Sky's photo.

Then there are also new videos and many pictures of the Lauser to see.

29. Juli 2021

Our Chica is waiting for her big chance from REUS. The bitch is fit, friendly and social.
What more do you need from a loyal companion?

Now there are new videos and lots of pictures of the pretty bitch if you just go to her photo on the left.

25. Juli 2021

Hello, my name is Duna and I am a very playful, tall, social bitch who is looking for new bipeds from 77743 Neuried.
I am also happy to be referred to a friendly first dog, because I think that would be great.

More information, pictures and a video are available by clicking on my picture.

25. Juli 2021

Our Zara is still waiting for her chance from the animal shelter in 79312 Emmendingen.
You are welcome to contact your contact person, whose details you will find out when you go to Zara's photo.

Our lively, very smart young dog would love to be with active people.

25. Juli 2021

Our Sura is a beautiful, tall female who would like to have a family around her.
Of course an apartment or a house with a garden would be a dream for them. For our beautiful Surah, an apartment is nothing ...

Where can Sura move in soon? Information, pictures and a video can be obtained by clicking on the picture on the left.

23. Juli 2021

Little Jackie has unfortunately not had any luck until now …

Where is his loving home that is waiting for him? He would love to be pampered and do anything to please.

Well, don't you still have a basket or even a sofa bed for our tiny baby?
To do this, just go to his photo and find out everything about him.

20. Juli 2021

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Well, then you could also support our non-profit organization by ordering something via "WE CAN HELP", "AMZON SMILE" or "GOODING".
It's free for you personally, but it does us something ...
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So it would be great if you could just go to Help / Financial Aid on our website.
The system is then self-explanatory :-)

19. Juli 2021

Here comes a sensitive, calm, gentle male who is looking for a loving home.
If you are looking for a loyal comrade, Buzz is the place for you.

Just click on his photo and learn more about the good male.