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Dog of the day (07. 07. 2020) - Eren
Mixed Race Male, 3 years old, Approximate Height 40 cm

Name: Eren
Date of birth: July 20, 2017
Shoulder height: 40 cm
Breed: mixed breed
Gender Male
Location: Al Bayyasa Animal Shelter, Baeza, Spain

Here we can introduce you to the cute Eren. This little boy was tied up by his owner on a very cold day, right at the gate of the Al-Bayyasa animal shelter, and left behind alone.
Maybe he didn't fit into their lives or was just superf (...)


Here comes a poor sock from Alcala La Real, for whom we would love to find a home, because his leg is fine again and he could soon move into his new human pack …

Please click on the photo of our bad luck raven NEGRITO to find out everything.


Hello my name is Sacha and I am a Yorkshire mixed breed dog looking for a heart full of love.

You can find out everything about me when you look at my picture.

03. Juli 2020

Our Isabel has a non-profit association in the Tarragona "La Ginesta" region. She has been fighting for the animals there for many years.
There it houses many older and sick dogs that can no longer be transported.

Nevertheless these dogs cost a lot of money every month and we ask for donations and sponsorships.

You can find out more about this project by clicking on the photo.

By the way, there are also some dogs that they can also be taught. They can all be found on our website.

03. Juli 2020

Here comes Roki, who can still be conveyed well from "La Ginesta".

You can find out more about the boy by clicking on his photo.

02. Juli 2020

Louisa is a very friendly, cuddly bitch who is looking for a home from Rincon de la Victoria.
She would certainly have no objection to a social first dog.

If you like her, just click on her photo.

02. Juli 2020

Hello my name is Spiry and I am a hearty young dog who would love to have his own family - also with an existing first dog, because I love to romp and play with other dogs.

Are you interested in me? Then just go to my photo.

01. Juli 2020

Valkin is a great male at the age of 2. He would certainly be a great companion who is also beautiful.

Would you like to give him the chance for a new home? Then just go to his picture to learn more about him.

29. Juni 2020

Curro is a podenco mongrel who unfortunately has not yet found a home - he would love to have a soft dog bed and would like to take many exciting walks with you.

If you are looking for a social, nice dog, that would be a dream! Just click on my photo.

29. Juni 2020

Hello my name is Fito and I am a Sharpei mixed breed who is looking for a place with you.

Due to breed I'm sovereign, nothing to shake so easily and would be a great dog buddy.
Are you interested? Then just go to my photo to see more pictures, a video and information about me.

28. Juni 2020

Deisi is a good medium-sized bitch who is looking for a home from Tarragona.
Her three babies were all placed - only the mother is still waiting …

You can find out more about Deisi by clicking on her photo on the left.