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Personal Reports

29. August 2021

Hello Mrs Hübner,

Balu (Hulk) has been with us for three weeks now. It seems to us
much longer.
He survived the journey to the far north well, but was happy when we finally arrived in Hamburg in the evening.

He approached everyone (people and dogs) openly right from the start and charmed everyone with his manner.
Living together with our bitch is also going well. Now and then he gets an announcement from her, but most of the time they play and romp together.

Outside he is very well behaved and walks well on the leash.
Dog encounters are no problem. We don't always agree on what is allowed in the house and what is not. But even that is getting better every day.

We get encouragement from all sides and the statement that he can be happy to have found such a home. But we see it the other way round: We can be happy to have found a dog like Balu!

Many greetings,
Marieke, Till, Anke and Markus with Lotta and Balu

Note: If you look at the picture of Balu you will also get an impression of his new great home.

23. August 2021

Dear Mrs Hübner,

I am sending you a short report about Kira, which you are welcome to publish:

Finally, the long-awaited 7th of August had arrived and with it my first meeting with Kira.

After a quick and uncomplicated registration at the pick-up point, it was time to wait for the transport from Spain.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the club members who unloaded the dogs so lovingly and without stress.

Many helping hands were there to put the collars on the dogs and to adjust the safety harnesses and fear dogs were treated separately. The whole atmosphere was friendly and loving.

I particularly liked the fact that the area where the dogs were unloaded was escape-proof, so you could be carefree.

There was also a meadow where my dear Kira could first of all relieve herself by taking a pee.

Then we set off on the three-hour drive home, I was worried how Kira would cope, but she managed it without any problems and to my surprise, she was able to go home.

but she coped without any problems and to my great joy she got used to me so much during the drive that she was so close to me,
she joined me as soon as we arrived home.

Kira is a wonderful dog, from the very beginning she was eager to learn all the routines in our family and to understand everything that goes on here.

She has a strong will to please and follows beautifully.

After the two weeks she has been here, we can't imagine life without Kira.

I would also like to say a special thank you to Teresa Cabezas and her team of volunteers who so lovingly cared for Kira while she was in the refugio in Baeza.

while she was in Baeza at the Refugio.

You can see the loving treatment she has received.

We are in loose contact and I know how happy everyone is that she has found a lovely home.

The description of Kira we got is really true, she is the dream dog, the sweetheart as she was described.

It is wonderful that there are people who put so much heart into animal welfare as Mrs. Hübner and her colleagues in Germany and Spain do.

Germany and Spain and it is definitely worth giving the "Spaniards" a chance.

Kira is already my second dog who has been in a killing station and I believe that dogs who have survived this experience unscathed are really very resilient.

are very resilient and therefore easy to take care of.

The love and gratitude of my "Spaniards" is immeasurable and it is just wonderful to see how much the dogs enjoy their new life.

enjoy their new life.

Thank you to everyone who brought Kira to me, including the two Spanish drivers!!!

21. August 2021

Dear Ms Hübner,
Dear Mrs. Schüssler and colleagues,

It has been almost two weeks since Jeny, who we call Leni, moved in with us. We are very happy every day that she is with us.
In the first few days she was very excited and a bit restless. This is now getting less and less every day. She enjoys every stroke and she gets lots of them. Of course she also enjoys her walks. The recall works very well. When no one is in sight, we romp with her in the meadow. I don't know who enjoys it more, Leni or us :-)
She is absolutely fond of children. We are just teaching our little daughter to say "no" to her. Because Leni is always licking her. But in the morning our little one climbs out of bed and the first place she goes is to the dog bed. There she gives Leni kisses.
We are overjoyed to have Leni in our family. We are happy for our daughter that she can grow up with this fine dog soul by her side.
We say THANK YOU and will report again.
Kind regards
Family Bendixen

Note: If you go to the photo, you will also get more pictures in the new home of Leni (formerly Jeny).

11. August 2021

Hello together,

On Friday 13.8. it is exactly 6 months when I was allowed to pick up Nala. We have sooo much fun with each other. And even in dreary rainy weather, Nala full of energy always made me laugh and every day we still discover something new together. I am so very grateful to you that you made it possible and I found Nala through your efforts.

Great job what you bring full. 😊😊😊

a very big thank you.

If you click on Nala's picture you will also get pictures in her current environment.

25. Juli 2021

Dear Bettina,

On 25.07.2020 we picked up our sunshine Bowie from you. Thanks to the loving foster mum Maria in Spain, Bowie came to us as a dog who approaches everyone openly - regardless of whether he has four or two legs.
Bowie has developed from a playful puppy into a great young dog who, thanks to the lessons at the dog school, usually hears very well and we can go for walks in the woods and fields without a lead. With his friends Wilma (German Wirehaired) and Saschka (also from Spain) we often meet for walks.
Although he is only 35 cm tall, he can easily keep up with them in a sprint duel.

He still doesn't like driving, but it's much better than the first few weeks.
Bowie is simply a ray of sunshine and we have taken him firmly into our hearts.

Many thanks for the placement
Many kind regards, Doris

15. Juli 2021

Hello dear Ute,

Diego (formerly Tyson) has been with us for two months now and he is really developing splendidly! He is a real sweetheart. Diego loves to cuddle, he also likes to just sit on your lap, it almost can't be enough body contact for him. On clear field paths he runs without a leash and has the fun of his life. Even walking on the lead works really well, he doesn't pull at all and always walks with us in a very relaxed way.

We train him diligently when we go for walks and the recall training always works with the right treats. He was even able to resist the field hares running away and came directly when called back! He is totally open-minded and friendly towards other dogs, even when the other dog is terrorising him on the leash, Diego remains calm.
At the beginning he was unsure about foreign situations like driving a car or the garage door, but with a little patience and practice he got used to them very quickly and is now an everyday dog.

The first 4 weeks we had to lure him into the house with treats because he didn't dare to come in on his own, now he pushes the garden door open and walks into the living room as if he had never done it any other way. We are very happy about such progress. He is a bit more suspicious and reserved towards men, but when he realises that they don't mean him any harm, he likes to be cuddled by them.
Otherwise he is a very open-minded dog and learns very quickly.

We are really happy that he is with us, we have a lot of fun with him and we are looking forward to seeing how he will develop with us!

Best regards

PS: If you click on Tyson's picture, you will also get nice pictures of his new home.

20. Juni 2021

Hello together,

my name is Hugo and I have found my" forever home"! :-)
After Dominik (my new owner) and I got to know each other and he took me in shortly afterwards, a lot has happened in my little world.

I'm no longer in a kennel and I'm constantly being cuddled and walked by other people. Now it's always the same boring guy - or every now and then his mum, who I've already got wrapped around my finger - at the other end of the lead. But: he has taught me wonderfully not to rush forward like a madman, but to walk beside him in a well-behaved way. I still don't like it when other dogs come towards us, but here too we have found some "foreign" training partners with whom we practise regularly. My master says that for a former street dog I am doing PERFECT!

In addition, I'm almost a pro at the little dog 101 and already do "sit", "down", "stay" very well and can stop at the kerb 80% of the time, even if dad jumps into the street. Even the recall on the lead or off the lead works quite well, but dad always says I get distracted easily by other people or dogs, so we still have to work on that. I just love to train, romp and cuddle with him. Master says in a few weeks the training will definitely pay off!

I am also almost house trained. Yes, I must have marked my new territory when I arrived here, and yes, after that I must have had 2 mishaps, because my master really wanted to test whether I was already reasonably clean. It's my own fault, that's all I can say!

I can only say that my new family does me a lot of good! I'm happy to be here and I show it in my sleeping poses, my playfulness and my willingness to learn! Here are a few more pictures of me, as you can see I feel very much at home as a Bulldog mix! :-)

See you soon, or better not. Thank you for everything, dear shelter - but here I stay.

Your Hugo

New pictures of Hugo's home are also available if you click on his photo.

13. Juni 2021

Dear animal friends Europe,
dear Claudia, dear Michael!

PEIG has meanwhile become PUKKI - it's a good thing whether the name change now indicates his increased self-confidence is an open question ...

In any case, the shy little guy has developed splendidly.
Yes, definitely "physically" too, because there has already been a slight increase in weight ... But eating is his great passion (certainly due to the many hardships in the past), and he can do something with every leaf of lettuce "to begin"!

Of course he was shy and reserved in the beginning, but he benefited a lot from the presence of the other confident dog buddies and was guided by them.

His playmate is encouraged to play challengingly.

At the beginning he was not very comfortable going for a walk and especially leashed - who knows what that means "- but made it up" - he can hardly wait and likes to be outside on a discovery tour.

He has also been traveling with his pack in the far north.
Oh, he liked that, because actually he can't do that much with southern temperatures, after all, it makes you so sluggish.

Well, he seems to be very happy and so are we!
Many thanks to you and warm greetings to Spain and the local helpers!

09. Juni 2021

Hello Ute,

Now that Ronja (formerly Ronda) has been with us for 4 weeks, I wanted to send you some feedback.

Ronja has settled in quite well and is a real dream dog: lively outside, happy, attentive, clever and curious. I almost always have her off-leash because she is so reliable. At home she is totally inconspicuous, calms down well and has us all wrapped around her finger with her gentle and loving nature.

She didn't get the name Ronja Räubertochter (Robber's Daughter) for nothing; don't let mummy leave food unattended anywhere...:-))))

In this sense, many greetings from Nora, Ronja and the rest of the gang.

Note: If you go to Ronja's picture, you can see more pictures of her new home below.

27. Februar 2021

Hello Mrs. Hübner,

We would like to get in touch with you about Dante (previously Dandy). The little man has settled in super, he has learned in the short time quickly and much, what concerns the life in the house. He is doing great except for 1-2 small problems, but we are getting a handle on that. He has his first appointment with the doctor on Thursday and then it should be uphill for him with the little things.

We are very happy with the little guy and would like to thank you again that everything worked out so well and quickly and especially that we got the chance to give him this new and quiet life.

With kind regards

Marcel, Jasmin, Tesia, Bonnie and Dante