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Personal Reports

09. Januar 2021

Hello everyone, this is Bingo.

My home is just great, I feel really comfortable here.

In the beginning, however, especially my master needed a lot of patience with me.

My reference person was my mistress. My master started to lure me with treats. So it worked with all in my family.

Nevertheless, the men in my family were not quite creepy to me even then. Especially my 2 "grandpas", the fathers of my mistress and my master. It took me a long time to stop barking at them.

But now I am happy with all of them.
Now it goes me top here and all love me.

Now in the cold season I love to lie in front of the fireplace when it is on. I like it when it is warm. Mistress and master always say I am a sun dog.

But now I would like to say THANK YOU.

THANK YOU to Claudia and Michael Mellert that you made it possible to place me here in Germany. Without you it would not have been possible.

So make it good. Your Bingo with my mistress Desiree and my master Fabian.

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30. Dezember 2020

Hello dear Ute,

Tuc has settled in well with us in such a short time! He loves his new basket and my sister's old stuffed horse Amadeus. He doesn't want to sleep without Amadeus...

He is also not averse to music and art and he and the cats are slowly but surely forming a peaceful co-existence, who knows, maybe soon friendship?

Kind regards
Manuela and Ellinor

Note: If you click on Tuc's photo, you will also get to see some pictures in his new home.

13. Dezember 2020

Hello dear ones,

I also wanted to get in touch with you from my new home. Since 7 weeks I live now with my two mistresses and my dog friend Lotte.
The beginning with Lotte was sometimes hard I had to fight for her affection. The old lady can sometimes be quite bitchy if you disturb her. But in the meantime we cuddle together and play games. We are both fighting games fans. I have discovered my love for stuffed animals, which I carry around the apartment.

My mistress is really proud of me because I am losing weight so nicely. I have become really sporty and have built up a condition. Sometimes my mistress goes jogging with us, I can keep up well and it is fun for me. But most of all I like to chase mice outside, a real ratonero. Food is still one of my hobbies and tastes excellent here. Although they think I'm stupid and don't realize that Lotte gets more than I do, well... I also don't lack cuddles (of which I never get enough). At night I cuddle up to my mistress, I would love to slip into her. Lotte also cuddles up to us, my mistress already jokes that the bed is getting too small. I think it's just right that way contact makes lying happy :-)
When our mistress is at work we can cuddle with our substitute mistress and get lots of love there.
Unfortunately we could not go to the dog school yet but I am already registered. Let's see how that will be... Sometimes I don't like to let other dogs near us. I have to protect my ladies at least I act like that from time to time. My mistress shows me where to go and I usually parry ;-)
I am really happy to have got such a home. Everybody is nice to me and showed me what is "right" and what is "wrong". I leave the garbage cans in peace even if they still smell so good. Staying alone is still difficult for me despite Lotte at my side. When my mistress comes, she is really stormed by us. It's your own fault who leaves the pack and has to pay for it.
I send you a few pictures and a video in which I play with Lotte extensively, one of our favorite activities :-)

Many greetings from your Mojo

13. Dezember 2020

Dear animal friends Europe, dear Ute

I am your Mimosa (here all call me Mimi )
A week ago (5.12.20) I arrived here in this kaaaaaaold Germany and have frozen terribly. No wonder because I have not a gram of fat on the ribs. My new owners have packed me in blankets and a winter coat I also got. The food here is great and I get along with my new sister Jenny, a Maltese bitch. I am 8 months old and Jenny 12 months , so just the right playmate. Jenny always asked me to play, so I quickly forgot my homesickness for mommy and my three siblings. My master takes me and Jenny for nice walks in the woods every day, so our noses have a lot to do. So in short I am doing suuuuuuuuper!

My mistress says she wants to say thank you for your work, how it all went! Very great ! That's why she sent out a membership application, because she says that we have to support you in your work. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas season and stay healthy!
Greetings your Mimi

02. Dezember 2020

Hello dear Mrs. Hübner

Today I would like to tell you how I am doing since I found a new family.
I am on a different tour every day and it is a lot of fun.

And with my other friends I also get along very well (cats).

It is nice to meet and see new friends again and again.
On tree that is me and I look for a squirrel.

I wish you further all the best

Best regards
Your Cristal (now Candy)

Also best regards from me
Jutta Zimmermann

01. September 2020

Dear Ute,

I am to give you Patricia's warmest greetings.

We have been together for a month now and I must say that you have chosen a very nice environment for me! Patricia spoils me very much, gives me endless strokes (sometimes she exaggerates) and goes for a walk with me several times a day at the Dreisam. I have also got to know many of the neighbouring dogs and with Frieda we usually go for another walk around the house around 8 pm to see that everything is in order.

Then I can run extensively and organise races with Frieda. And just imagine, since about 1.5 weeks I have been running without a leash. Patricia has treats with her, which she rewards me with when I follow her call ... o.k., when I'm sniffing around extensively ... unfortunately I don't see or hear anything anymore, but she's not angry and calls and calls and whistles with patience until I remember the treats, which I quickly pick up as a matter of course.

And in the great heat I have discovered the advantages of the Dreisam. First of all I slack off my thirst and finally I go very carefully into the water with my four paws, because it cools down so nicely ... at the moment the Dreisam is fuller again and I have to be careful not to fall in (hi,hi).
I will send you a few photos and hope you are happy to hear from me.
Best regards to you and your dog friends, who I thought were really nice when I was with you!

See you soon
Your Sacha

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