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El Camino, Alcala La Real

The "noble and loyal city" of Alcalá la Real, as its title suggests, is located in the south of the province of Jaén (Andalusia), on the border between the provinces of Cordoba and Granada, above a vast plateau dominated by the Cerro de la Mota, in the middle of a mountainous area dominated by olive groves.

Here, too, there are always countless dogs and cats that are found abandoned or injured on the roadside.
The small association "El Camino" takes care of these approx. 150 animals with a lot of passion.
A small group of five helpers, who regularly come by to clean the kennels, feed and care for the animals, are the trunk occupation.
Again and again there are also trips to the vet to help sick animals or to take them to the castration.

The helpers on site work without exception on a voluntary basis and free of charge alongside their job, family and own protégés, which is not always easy.
Nevertheless, they do the animal protection work gladly and very neatly with much love.

The plant is a current cession of the city administration of Alcala la Real to the association. It is not actually designed for the accommodation of dogs and cats, but was intended for livestock. Nevertheless, it is the best the club could get.

Urgently, the shelter is also dependent on the support of Tierfreunde Europa, which is always able to take over dogs, send donations there and also provide food for the many hungry mouths from time to time.

It is always difficult to cover all costs, especially the veterinary costs. Nevertheless, the El Camino team continues to fight and hope that associations such as Animal Friends Europe will help to achieve this.

You are welcome to help El Camino directly with a donation:
"Asociación Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Alcalá la Real, EL CAMINO"
Calle Andújar nº 4 Alcala la Real 23680 Jaén.
Shelter: Poligono El Chaparral - Santa Ana . Alcala la Real

Bank details:
IBAN: ES40 2103 0386 5900 3001 0232

But you can also use our animal protection account from Tierfreunde Europa, which you can find under financial aid on our website.

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