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Associació Amics dels Animals de Flix y Ampare

CanFlix and Ampare were two independent animal shelters located in Ribera d'Ebre (Tarragona). The first, based in the municipality of Flix, began its animal protection work in 2014, while Ampare, in Móra la Nova, did so in the nineties.

Over time, the president of the association Ampare could no longer continue to take charge of the work and care of so many animals due to her age, and the CanFlix shelter became too small with the large number of abandonments that occur in the area, so it was agreed to merge both shelters, with the president of CanFlix taking over the management of the new project, and moving all the dogs to Móra la Nova, locating all the cats in Flix.

Currently, the shelter CanFlix&Ampare, with CIF43311398 and zoological nucleus T2300070, offers its services of collection and care of abandoned animals to the 14 municipalities that make up the region of Ribera d'Ebre, with a total population of 22,900 inhabitants and 827.3 km2, being a rural area where animal abuse is still deeply rooted due to the hunting tradition of the area.

In our care, on average there are about 45 dogs and 25 cats, many of which arrive at our shelter in dire conditions, sick, full of parasites, injured, often with fractures and very afraid of people.

We support ourselves thanks to our team of volunteers, currently made up of 15 people who altruistically dedicate their free time every day of the week to the care and walking of the dogs, cleaning of the facilities, transfers to the vet, management of the shelter and social networks, rescues and communication with the town councils, etc.

We receive money from the town councils for the animal collections we carry out, as well as financial donations from individuals, but it is never enough to cover the more than 50,000 euros we spend on veterinary expenses for the costly traumatological surgeries, vaccinations, sterilisations, leishmaniasis treatments, etc.

One of the most important activities we carry out is to raise awareness among the children of Ribera d'Ebre, who come to our facilities through different projects to learn about our work and spend some time with our animals, so that they understand the magnitude of the problem of animal abandonment and the importance of love for animals and nature.

In addition, we would also like to highlight that we are carrying out campaigns to sterilise street cats in numerous municipalities in the region, with the aim of being able to implement the CES project (capture, sterilise and release) in all municipalities before the end of 2022. With this practice we want to reduce the number of kittens rescued from the street, because each breeding season we are forced to be unable to meet all the requests for help due to lack of material and economic means and space in our shelter.

Therefore, donations are urgently needed to help the four-legged friends.
You are welcome to use our account for this purpose:
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