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Fundació d'Animals / REUS

The story of REUS

started in April 1997 when the Ultima Llar shelter was founded. The animal shelter not only helps the animals that are taken in, but also with animal burials and has a pet cemetery.
The beginnings go back to a family history: the idea for this began in childhood, because many children dream of living in a farmhouse with dogs, cats and farm animals, with the appropriate respect for the animals and a feeling for what is good for them, the basis the collection and recovery center.

The founders and sponsors wanted to create an institution in the province that would help society in the face of the growing problem of abandoning animals to enable them to have a good life. For this reason, the Fundació d'Animals de Companyia was founded in 2006, whose main goal is to improve the quality of life of the animals living in the shelter.
The entire center is divided into two areas. On the one hand the area of ​​the pet cemetery, which is managed by Ultima Llar. There is an area in which the faithful companion can be buried, but also a cremation facility for the deceased pets.
The other area - Fundació d'Animals - has a small office, which also forms the entrance to the center. On the right there is a hospital area and veterinary practice.

Fortunately, there are two vets who, in addition to the emergencies, come by two or three times a week to check on the animals.
In the middle there is a building with various rooms, which also has a covered interior and thus offers protection from sun and rain. The outdoor area with lots of sun invites everyone to linger.

There are also two other large areas, which are divided into 24 spacious courtyards. These have a large central shed and trees. All facilities have running water and - if it gets too hot during the day - enough parasols to provide shady spots. There are also three other very large courtyards that offer the same amenities for the dogs, where the volunteers can play with the dogs and go for a walk.

The cats have their own yard, which in turn is divided into four spacious separate areas so that the cat communities living together can doze, play and sleep in peace.
The work of the staff and volunteers consists in collecting abandoned animals in Tarragonés - one of the three districts into which the area is divided. In addition, some communities in the area are also supported.

All necessary activities such as feeding, cleaning, further veterinary care and care are carried out in the animal shelter. The shelter is open all year round and offers a 24-hour emergency pick-up so that no animal has to hold out longer than necessary should an abandoned animal have to be caught or picked up. There are currently around 150 dogs living in the center, although there have been 250 dogs in the past. There are also about 100 cats. These are looked after by 40 volunteers or sponsors and 14 employees. These in turn manage around 600 animals that come to the shelter every year.
The Fundació d'Animals is self-sustaining through campaigns and income from the communities, such as B. the sterilization and sponsorship campaigns, volunteer work, dissemination of responsible animal husbandry in social networks, participation in trade fairs and events in this sector, as well as workshops in schools. All of this with the aim of improving the animals' quality of life. The aim is to raise people's awareness in order to spread respect and appreciation for the most defenseless animals.
To achieve these goals we need human and economic cooperation. The sterilization campaign takes z. B. takes up a large part of the resources, although over the years an operating room has been set up in which the veterinarians can perform the operations with all the necessary materials. Hundreds of sterilizations on dogs and cats can be performed every year thanks to the financial contribution of the center and sponsors.
The volunteer or sponsorship campaign coordinates all those who want to work with the foundation, be it financially or personally. For example, there are sponsors who pay a monthly fee and who are assigned a dog from the center that they can take out as they please.

In addition, after a certain period of time, volunteers can take on more responsible tasks as sponsors, such as bringing entire cages into the courtyards, walking the dogs outside the center, looking after the cats, treating injured animals or giving medication to sick animals, participate in measurements or events, etc.

The Responsible Animal Husbandry Campaign includes all actions aimed at society in order to spread awareness and respect for animals. Various channels such as social networks or events, trade fairs, etc. are used. Educational workshops are offered in schools and community centers.
Having an animal is a source of great joy, but it is also a great opportunity for us to promote responsible animal welfare. When we care for an animal we make a commitment and it is necessary that we take care of all of its needs such as nutrition, hygiene and health throughout its life. Not everyone is aware of this message before taking in an animal and that is why it is so important to spread it. By providing information about this topic, it will be avoided in the future that the animals are given up or the owners are irresponsible. Unfortunately, thousands of dogs are abandoned every year in Spain and the laws are not strict enough or the population is not sensitive enough.

Then there is the adoption campaign, the aim of which is to find a home for the cats and dogs in the center. The resources used are own resources, employees, volunteers, etc ... who accompany the visitors and tell them about adoption, requesting a chip, sterilization, vaccination, etc ... and also the obligations that are acquired, inform.

Or the Tierfreunde-Europa association, which also helps us with its projects to find a suitable home for every animal. Last but not least is the fundraising campaign for the maintenance, care and sterilization of the many animals, which are associated with high costs. Therefore, the various ways of donating, either with material and feed that is made available or with monetary donations, are always welcome.

With TEAMING, for example, you are asked to help with just one euro per month.
When the fund reaches a certain amount that will be used for animal welfare, it will be publicly announced on our website and everyone who has participated will know where their money is going and how many animals are affected. This way, the person can see in which actions their donation is being invested.
Donations can also be made via PayPal or via the bank account ES30 2085 9508 2303 3026 8929 of Bank Ibercaja. All information can be found on our website www.fundacioanimals.org.

Help, no matter how small, is always welcome and necessary. Please visit www.fundacioanimals.org.todas, see the projects that are being carried out, or do some volunteering or any other kind of support.

We would be very happy to receive your support.

You can also see the work in Spanish at this website: