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❤️ Hello dear animal lovers! ❤️

La Ginesta is a sanctuary for many old and sick dogs who can no longer be placed and who can spend their remaining years with Isabel. A few weeks ago we received a call for help. The food chamber for the approximately 90 oldies was only enough for 10-14 days at the most and money is "naturally" a limited commodity with so many mouths. Many Spaniards have donated something, but she cannot be free of worries yet!

Many thanks to the many helping hands from Germany! Many adopters, supporters, Gudrun and Klaus, Marissa, Lisa, Lena and Ingrid have helped outstandingly. A total of 350 kg of dry food, dozens of cans of wet food, 200 cattle ears, 17 kg of treats and 3 dog pools have found their way to northern Spain. A special thanks also goes to our transporter Lidia who loaded and delivered all donations free of charge!

Isabel thanks us from the bottom of her heart! ❤️

Ariane Thoma (1. Vorsitzende) (Languages: German, English)
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