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❤️ Hello dear animal lovers! ❤️

We are super happy, the shelter Flix y Ampare in Mora la Nova and Ribera d'Ebre has received our donations in kind! In addition to the tons of food for dogs and cats, this time there were also toys, leashes, wipes, bandages and scratching posts. Every time a dog transport takes place at our place, the truck drives back to Spain empty. We use this opportunity to transport our donations in kind and the numerous donations from our friends of the association free of charge.

At first it seemed that this time only a few donations in kind could be sent. But in the last days before the transport the whole thing picked up speed and finally we had trouble and hardship to accommodate everything!

A special thanks goes to Gudrun and Klaus for their tireless efforts and to Cindy, who organized a lot of donations in kind. Georgina would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved!

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