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Dear members,
dear adopters,
dear interested parties,

today 12.06.2022 is the day of the dog. To be honest, for us every day is a day of the dog!

We are committed every day to find new homes for dogs and of course cats from animal welfare.
All necessary permits to support our Spanish animal welfare friends are of course available. At the moment we are full of energy to organize a transport which will arrive at the beginning of July.

We invite you to visit our homepage diligently or to leave a Like on our Facebook page. Almost every day we advertise new dogs and cats looking for a home.

Have you already adopted an animal from us? Experience shows that the best inquiries come from friends and acquaintances of our previous adopters. That's why we are even happier when you share your experiences with others!

Thank you very much for your support and the great moments you shared with us,

Your team of Tierfreunde Europa e.V.

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