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Portrait Name: Max
Race: Maltese (Bichon Maltes)
Gender: Male
Approximate Date of Birth: 11.2018 (5 years old)
Approximate Height: 30 cm
Residence: 79312 Emmendingen

Name: MAX
Breed: Maltese (Bichon Maltes)
Gender: Male, neutered
Date of birth: 3.11.2018
Size: 30 cm, chest: 40 cm, neck 30 cm
Test Mediterranean diseases: negative
Location: 79312 Emmendingen

Update vom 01.08.2022:
MAX finally has a new home.

Update vom 22.07.2022:
MAX is still looking for a new home. He is located in 79312 Emmendingen and can be visited there after arrangement with his mediator.

Update vom 20.06.2022:
Oh no! Sometimes situations happen that you don't expect or plan for - and yet they happen!
Unfortunately, the conditions in Max's new home have changed, so he now has to go in search again. Do you still have room in your basket for this beautiful male? We look forward to your call!

MAX has all the proper vaccinations, is dewormed and free of parasites.

The story of Max is a long and sad one . He was the whim of a young girl who wanted a small dog as a gift from the Magi. As long as he was little, she played with him a lot, but he was never shown how to behave. But one day it came as it had to come, the girl did not want to take care of him anymore and the mother had no time. So Max was given to a Romanian family. But when this family decided to go back to Romania, they talked to one of our members and asked if we, our animal welfare association, could look for a new family for Max. So Max finally moved to a third family who would be his foster family until he was adopted.
We talked to a friend who had already adopted a dog from Armantes and she was willing to adopt Max as well. The already existing female dog is already older and Max only thinks about playing, but the female dog doesn't want to know anything about it; but Max reacts with barking. To put an end to all this, Max was brought to the parents, who are no longer young, to take care of Max. But a misfortune rarely comes alone, the wife got a stroke and both spouses went to a retirement home. So Max came back to our friend's house and asked us to find another family for him, because things were not going well with the two dogs.

Max is an affectionate, friendly and very playful dog, an ideal playmate for children. Maltese are known to be fun-loving companions and are known to be overly clever and confident, but they can get cheeky at times. Max has lived peacefully with cats for 1 year, although he also barks at them if they don't want to play with him. He needs his own kind, who want to play with him.

After so many family changes, they have failed to teach him discipline. He really needs a family to stabilize him and teach him dog 101. Dog school would certainly be a good idea as well, where he can learn to deal with people who are perceived as enemies to him. A small second dog in the family with whom he can play would be ideal.
Who would like to give this sweet little guy a permanent home? It would be sad if we had to give Max to the shelter, where he is locked up in the smallest space of 5x3 m and has to sleep on cold cement instead of a warm little bed, after he has already known a warm home with lots of cuddles. The municipal. Tierheim is the worst place for such a small dog like Max.

This sweet little Mäxchen desperately needs a family who knows how to teach him discipline and at the same time surround him with lots of love.
We ask the family to understand Max, who has already gone through 4 different families in his short life. It is very urgent that he finds his final new family as soon as possible.
Max is taken care of by Bettina Thoma, whom you are welcome to contact.

Bettina Thoma (2. Vorsitzende) (Languages: German, English)
Mobile: 0172-7589333