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Portrait Name: Amelia
Race: Labrador
Gender: Female
Approximate Date of Birth: 09.2017 (4 years old)
Approximate Height: ca. 55 cm
Residence: Tierheim 79312 Emmendingen

Name: Amelia
Date of birth: 01.09.2017
Height: 55 cm
Gender: female
Race: Labrador
Residence: Animal shelter 79312 Emmendingen

This pretty bitch is called Amelia .....

and its story begins in Albayyasa

Amelia was one of the dogs that sat in the kennel of the Resur killing station and it was decided by us that this beautiful Labrador bitch deserved a chance.
Amelia has settled in very well in the Spanish animal shelter and gets along really well with her fellow kennels and the other animal shelter companions.

Now Amelia could come to 79312 Emmendingen, where you are welcome to visit her.

Amelia is a great dog: very people-oriented and friendly. She loves her walks with the two-legged friends.
Amelia is also very affectionate, a little impatient at times, but very playful despite her four years and would love to lead a new life with a great family with lots of activities.

Who would like to give this wonderful Labrador this new life? Please get in touch with Amelia's contact person, Marion Walter-Erdmann.

Amelia is dewormed, vaccinated, chipped and given with an EU passport.

Marion Walter-Erdmann (Languages: German)
Mobile: 0152-31058848