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Portrait Name: Marley
Race: Bodeguero Mongrel
Gender: Male
Approximate Date of Birth: 08.2014 (9 years old)
Approximate Height: 40 cm
Residence: Auf privater Pflegestelle in 67316 Carlsberg

Name: Marley (Loki)
Date of birth: 05.08.2014
Height: 40 cm
Gender: male, castrated
Race: Bodeguero Mongrel
Whereabouts: In a private foster home in 67316 Carlsberg

Update vom 18.02.2024:
Marley (Loki) is absolutely devoted to his humans when he has warmed up. And then he shows it very clearly! He is very playful for the fact that he will soon be a senior! He loves to romp around, but also loves all his stuffed animals. He has a lot of mischief in his head and is a lot of fun!

He also loves to have conversations with his humans. He loves to cuddle all day, but going for a walk is not his thing. He is always overjoyed when he is at home. He is very insecure outside as he has never experienced all this. He is more of an individual prince, but also accepts other dogs from whom he separates himself!

He tends to be jealous of other dogs and can sometimes react aggressively or insultingly! If he particularly likes something, he shows it by moaning (grumbling) and affectionate licking! He loves to kiss and likes to be kissed, rubbed or massaged! He doesn't like other people so much, he barks or withdraws into his room. Everything edible should be put out of his reach! He can't stay without his human!

Oh yes, he is very intelligent. He can open doors and cupboards! He is very interested in everything and wants to join in!

Update vom 10.11.2023:
Marley is now on a foster home in Germany and can be visited there after arrangement with his mediator.

DIOGENES SYNDROME is widely known as "littering syndrome" and these are people who no longer clean, but literally litter their immediate surroundings and also their car. Often in such areas there is a strong smell of decay and putrefaction.
This time, such a case occurred in Bazea. It is the most shocking case that the animal welfare organization Albayyasa has faced in Baeza in recent years.
It involves seven animals, consisting of dogs of all ages, males, females.
The owner of these animals had to be treated by specialists due to his illness and left his dogs alone in the house. The authorities contacted Albayyasa to take care of the case and we set out to find these poor animals.

The situation that the animal welfare workers found in the house was terrible: completely terrified animals running around in panic when they entered the house. The animals tried to get to safety, ran through the house, jumped out of the windows and some screamed in fear. Terrible things must have happened to them at the hands of their old owner, because they consisted only of fear.
After a long time of trying to calm them down, the animal welfare workers finally managed to get them out one by one.
The poor dogs all showed the same behavior: their looks were lost, frightened, their bodies bent with fear. They did not know how to be petted, they do not know what it means to walk or to go to the park on a leash - in short, they do not know that there is a better life.
The animal welfare activists of ALBAYYASA do not give up and want to help the poor dogs.

MARLEY... ..he is a beautiful tricolor Bodeguero mix. We have waited a long time to expose him to the world, as he should do it in a very relaxed way and with confidence. However, with the past, which as described above, is the foundation for him to interact with people, unfortunately it still affects Marley in a way that he allows himself to be petted and touched, but otherwise shows a lot of distrust and fear. What Marley enjoys at the moment is the daily playing, watching and walking with his four-legged companions, especially with his buddy Sol.

The previous life Marley had to lead until he came to the shelter is still affecting his new life. Fear and distrust of people, as well as not or not like to walk on a leash or fear of any walking, because it is totally foreign to him.

We are asking for a family that is trained to give Marley what he needs: Trust, patience and love. His own photos reflect his anxiety and fear of what happened. With help, he will be able to see that not everything he has experienced in the past is bad.

Please give Marley a chance for life in a family with lots of patience so he can see that there can be a different, loving life. If this is you, please contact his intermediary Bettina Thoma.

Marley will be dewormed, vaccinated, chipped and handed over with an EU passport.

Bettina Thoma (2. Vorsitzende) (Languages: German, English)
Mobile: 0172-7589333