Tierfreunde Europa
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Breed : Mixed Breed
Gender: Male
Born: 1.4.2021
Current height : currently 45 cm, later 55 - 60 cm
Location: 77743 Neuried

A Spanish veterinarian learned of bad conditions on a sheep farm, which kept his dogs very poorly.
He passed this information on to the animal welfare organization Armantes, our partner animal home.
The animal rights activists from there took care of it immediately and were able to persuade the shepherd to give them the puppies that he wanted to release in the mountains anyway.
It was not yet clear whether he would part with the adults. But our partner animal shelter will of course stay tuned here as well.

These two rescued pups were ALFIE and BILLY.
Another puppy that was also on the shepherd's hit list was Arthur.
All three have now been allowed to come to Germany - we have already been able to place one of them (Billy) and the other two now live in a foster home in 77743 Neuried, where you are welcome to get to know them.

Alfie is a beautiful puppy with bright brown eyes. He's very curious and I would certainly adapt to people quickly.

For Alfie, a family with a confident first dog would certainly be a great solution, because he or she is based on the other dogs.
Alfie is looking for a loving family with a little patience so that he can find his way into his new role.

Is there anyone who can give ALFIE the affection, caresses and kind words this dog soul needs?

Once ALFIE feels safe in his new home, he will be the best friend and companion one could ever wish for.

ALFIE is vaccinated according to his age and also chipped when he leaves.

If you are interested in the little Lauser, please contact Marion Walter-Erdmann.

Marion Walter-Erdmann (Languages: German)
Mobile: 0152-31058848