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Name: Bunny
Date of birth: 07.05.2011
Gender: male, neutered
Shoulder height: 56 cm
Weight: 30 kg
Breed: herding dog mix
Whereabouts: Reus Animal Shelter

Bunny has already been at the Refugio since 2016, is getting older and is still eagerly waiting for a family of his own. The visitors at the Refugio see him as a very sweet dog, but when they find out his age, they are no longer interested. That is the Spanish mentality.

Bunny can still be tempted to play and is grateful for every stroke and attention. Every day he looks expectantly at the treats, then leans his head against his handler to get his petting too, which makes him so happy in this life.

Bunny is very people oriented, friendly and loving.
He has no problems with his peers at the Refugio and he could certainly be placed with a social first dog.
Bunny is chipped, vaccinated, tested for leishmaniasis (currently negative), dewormed.
If you are interested in Bunny, please contact his fosterer Sabrina Bartloff, who will be happy to assist you.

Sabrina Bartloff (außer sonntags, ansonsten auch auf Mail-Box sprechen) (Languages: German, English, French)
Mobile: 0176-22270975