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Portrait Name: Kira
Race: German shepherd mix
Gender: Female
Approximate Date of Birth: 06.2019 (4 years old)
Approximate Height: ca. 65 cm
Residence: Tierheim Al-Bayyasa, Spanien

Name: Kira
Date of birth: 15/06/2019
Height: 65 cm
Weight: 22 kg
Gender: Female
Breed: German shepherd mix
In the shelter of Albayyasa since 30/04/2021

This beautiful cinnamon cross with a German Shepherd came from the perrera in Jaén.
She had an eventful life there, as a family originally adopted her from there because Kira is a really well-behaved, friendly and sociable dog.
But then it became too much for the family to take care of a dog again and they brought her back to the Perrera.
Again they asked if they could have Kira and the game started again. Again Kira was brought back to the perrera with the same argumentation: no more time for the animal.

When the animal welfare activists of Albayyasa heard about the back and forth, they decided to put an end to it all by finally taking the bitch to the Refugio in Baeza.
There, Kira is a dream dog: she just gets along with everything and everyone, is very social, adaptable and loves all people - the little ones and the big ones.
Kira was friendly from the first minute, affectionate, without knowing us before. She is a real sunshine and deserves to get a good home where she will be respected.
On walks she pays great attention to her human companions, does not pull on the leash and loves to just be there on long walks.... Kira has no signs of fear or mistrust and is open with her two-legged friends.
We could also well imagine that she would be allowed to come to a family.

She is very social and noble towards her fellow dogs - a dream dog, there is nothing wrong with her.
Where are her people, who would like to give her a nice life. Kira would surely be a happy bitch at your side.
She is chipped, neutered, dewormed and comes with an EU passport.

Please contact Ute Hübner if you like her.

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