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Portrait Name: Jackie
Race: Mongrel
Gender: Male
Approximate Date of Birth: 05.2018 (3 years old)
Approximate Height: ca. 26 cm
Residence: Spanien, Baeza, Tierheim

Name: Jackie
Date of birth: 20.05.2018
Shoulder height: approx. 26 cm
Race : Mixed breed
Gender: male Location
: Spain, Baeza, animal shelter

Little Jackie and his friend Melendi were freed from a place where they had been alone for days and cried for help.

The neighbors heard the plaintive crying and barking and since they had not seen any of the family for some time, they alerted Teresa from the Al-Bayyasa animal shelter, who, with the help of the police, was able to rescue the two of them from the house, where they had been alone for a few days without Were locked up with water and no food.
Jackie quickly adapted to the shelter.

The little happy male is very affectionate, sociable with people and dogs and very nice. His character is very friendly and his nature is loving.
Jackie jumps energetically and energetically through the area. He loves pats and treats that he receives from the keepers at the animal shelter.

Jackie loves walks of all kinds and examines everything very curiously.
What he doesn't like are puddles of water, which he skilfully bypasses :)
If you
want to give this funny little dog a dry and beautiful home with lots of love and security, please contact Bettina Thoma.

Jackie travels chipped, vaccinated, tested for MMK, neutered, with an international vaccination certificate and preventive treatment for parasites.

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