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Portrait Name: Musa
Race: Mongrel
Gender: Female
Approximate Date of Birth: 09.2020 (3 years old)
Approximate Height: 30 cm, wird ca. 50 cm
Residence: Pflegestelle in Baeza

Name: Musa
Date of birth (from the vet): 21/09/2020
Size: 30 cm, will be around 50 cm tall.
Weight at the moment: 1,2 kg.
Gender: female
Breed: mongrel
Location: foster home in Baeza
Admission of Albayyasa: 23/09/2020

The story of all these siblings ZARA, ARIEL, ENZO, KEVIN, MAYA, MUSA, MIA AND ROGER begins for us when a message arrived from the perrera in RESUR that eight tiny puppies were sitting there without a mother.
The little ones were found in the mountains - either the mother was dead or she was out foraging. The people who found them simply took the puppies without waiting to see if a bitch would return.
Often Spaniards get rid of their pregnant females by abandoning them far away so they can't find their way back....

The people brought the little ones to the Perrea of Resur, where they would have been doomed to die, because no one takes care of such small helpless creatures and many of such little creatures simply die there, because it is very cold, the food is miserable and there is no other care. In addition, diseases such as parvo are always rampant in the perrera.

When the Albayyasa team heard about the little ones, they immediately went to get them. They went straight to the vet with the eight little mice and organized a foster home.
All eight puppies made it this way and love to play with each other, cuddle and of course several meals a day are very important for them.
The Albayyasa team is doing their best to make sure that the little ones can live a carefree life without their mother.

Little Musa only needs her family now, so that she can become a happy little dog.
Please contact Sabrina and Toni Cuviello with any questions you may have and they will be happy to provide you with information about the placement process.

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