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Portrait Name: Zara
Race: Mongrel
Gender: Female
Approximate Date of Birth: 09.2020 (1 year old)
Approximate Height: 45 cm
Residence: 79312 Tierheim Emmendingen

Name: ZARA
Date of birth (from the vet): 21/09/2020
Height: 45 cm
Gender: female
Race: mixed breed
Location: 79312 Emmendingen

Zara is a very cheerful, young, smart dog, playful and curious, she needs a lot of attention and also people who can spend a lot of time with her.
So, of course, staying alone still has to be practiced.
Zara is very affectionate and loving. She gets along well with other dogs and wants to start playing right away.

A confident second dog that is not too old would certainly also be a good option.
At night she sleeps in her box, which she learned since she was in Germany. She feels quite comfortable in her "cave".

Later on, the box can certainly be exchanged for a nice basket.
She is very curious about cats and wants to play with them, unfortunately only very few cats like that.
So cats don't necessarily make sense with the lively Zara.
Even with children, they should be at least 13-14 years old and steadfast, because Zara is simply too impetuous.

She would be a great dog buddy with older children.
If you have any questions, please contact Sabrina and Toni Cuviello, who will be happy to provide you with information about the placement process.

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