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Name: Bruce
Date of birth: 10.12.2019
Weight: 28 kg
Withers: 66 cm
Gender: male
Race: Galgo Espanol
Location: private animal shelter El Camino in Andalusia (on foster home)

Bruce was taken into the shelter as a very weak puppy with his brothers Hector and Alonso. They were nursed into healthy dogs with a lot of time, love and bottles. Hector has already found his home forever in Germany - and so far we have only kept our fingers crossed for Alonso's imminent adoption ... but now, surprisingly, Bruce also came into our agency. He was adopted by a young family several months ago. But now the couple are getting divorced and Bruce can no longer stay.

Fortunately, a lovely Spanish foster home has been found for the youngster who will look after Bruce until he leaves.
He is a dream dog, gets along great with all people (including babies), dogs and cats.

Please note that galgos don't just look majestic. They are real greyhounds and need a lot of exercise. Please only contact us if you have "real bumblebees in your bum" and can satisfy the galgo's urge to move.
Depending on the time of adoption, Bruce could travel to Germany already castrated. Of course he travels to his adopters chipped, vaccinated and with an international EU pet passport in his paws.

You are welcome to get in touch with his contact person, Bettina Thoma.

Bettina Thoma (Languages: German, English)
Mobile: 01727589333