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Portrait Name: Monty
Race: Mongrel
Gender: Male
Approximate Date of Birth: 03.2020 (1 year old)
Approximate Height: 30 cm, wird ca. 35 cm groß
Residence: Refugio El Camino

Date of birth: 01-03-2020
Weight: 5 kg
height: 30 cm, grows to approx. 35 cm
Gender: male
Race: Mongrel
Entrance to the Refugio El Camino in March 2020

Monty and her three siblings Kobes, Bonita and Mimosa were lucky enough to be born in a house after the mother was found outside pregnant.
The family has adopted the mother of the four little ones and another dog who showed up the same day, so the family is currently living together with six dogs and Tomas, a kitten.
The four puppies were thus able to experience the care and love of the entire family from the very beginning and receive all the veterinary care they needed.

Monty is a sweet, friendly doggy child who gets along great with people, cats and other dogs. He also loves the daily walks, because he is curious about life outside.

If you are interested in this cute little fellow, just contact Bettina Thoma, who will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Bettina Thoma (Languages: German, English)
Mobile: 01727589333