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Portrait Name: Shana
Race: Mongrel
Gender: Female
Approximate Date of Birth: 02.2018 (3 years old)
Approximate Height: 58 cm
Residence: 79108 Freiburg

Name: Shana
Date of birth: February 28, 2018
Breed: Shepherd mix
Height: 58 cm
Residence: 79108 Freiburg

If you don't want an off-the-shelf dog and don't shy away from doing relationship work that will definitely pay off many times over in the end, you can't get past Shana. “Princess and the pea” hits the nail on the head.
A bitch of character who doesn't just do what is expected of her - she checks carefully whether her counterpart has leadership qualities that she can rely on.

Shana is an opportunist through and through. Without clear rules and boundaries, she prefers to do what is for her own advantage. Which unfortunately does not always coincide with our ideas and inevitably leads to conflicts….

The solution: clear hierarchies. Shana is an absolutely lovable and charming bitch, but also manipulative. One hungry look and it should rain Wiener sausages ... she should get it too, but she has to earn it.

Shana has to learn that it is not her but the other end of the leash that makes the decisive decisions. And she has to learn that in a reliable team you can live the day much more relaxed and satisfied.
Shana is fun! She is a clever and incredibly cuddly and affectionate bitch who lines up easily when the roles are clearly assigned.

Her headhunter Ute Hübner will be happy to accept applications and will help you with questions and all subsequent steps of paw adoption.

Ute Hübner (Languages: German, English)
Mobile: 0173-4679026