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Dear animal friends,
You are also welcome to support us via "We can help". It doesn't cost you a cent anymore, but you support us and our animal welfare projects. We are credited 1 - 5% with every purchase.
A total of 12,300 shops and facilities are currently participating.
To do this, simply click on our website under "Help / Financial Aid" and click on the "We can help" button (small green sign "I am helping") and you're ready to go.

We would be very happy if the link is used often - the animals need us all.
Your Tierfreunde Europa team

Klaus Schnee und Gudrun Spany, Montags bis freitags von 16 bis 20 Uhr, am Wochenende ganztägig (Languages: German, English)
Mobile: 01733026550 und 01738807547