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Portrait Name: Dandi
Race: Mongrel
Gender: Male
Approximate Date of Birth: 01.2009 (12 years old)
Approximate Height: ca. 53 cm
Residence: Spanien, Baeza, Tierheim Al-Bayyasa

Name: Dandi
Born: January 8th, 2009
Size: approx. 53 cm
Breed: mixed breed
Closed: male

Location: Spain, Baeza, animal shelter Al-Bayyasa

On a cold winter day, when the helpers came to the kennel to clean the kennels and take care of the dogs, they found a box with 8 puppies in front of the gate to the shelter.

Unfortunately, seven of Dandi's siblings did not survive this cold and were already dead. Only Dandi looked at the rescuers with his googly eyes and whimpered.
Dandi was fed with the bottle and later he received special feed to build up.
The great male grew up to be a strong-willed and energetic dog.

But time went by and people always overlooked him when they were looking for a companion.
Even if he is no longer a puppy, he is still loaded with vitality and energy.

Dandi is very sociable and begs caresses from the carers, whom he loves very much.
He is very loving, patient and attentive.

The friendly and always happy male only wishes for a family who welcomes him and with whom he can spend the rest of his years.

If you want to give this great male a warm, soft bed and a nice home, which he deserves, please contact Bettina Thoma.

Bettina Thoma (Languages: German, English)
Mobile: 01727589333